Georepublic is emphatic on the idea of free software and open source development model. GIS topics are ourĀ  main field of work, but we are also open-minded about other topics and like to broaden our horizon.


WebSI-Cola is an Open Source Webservice Integration Framework written in Java. It makes use of another Open Source framework called "Restlet", that provides tools for running a ReSTful server as well as connecting to clients. [more]

Zoo Project

ZOO is an on-going OWS (OGC Web Services) open source platform project. It provides a WPS compliant developer-friendly framework to create and chain OGC compliant webservices. [more]

FOSS4G Stack

The people of Georepublic have several years experience in building applications with and implementation of FOSS4G (Free and Open Source for Geospatial) software. We use free software not only for customer projects, but also in our daily work and internal projects. [more]

PostgreSQL / PostGIS

Georepublic recommends PostgreSQL as database system. PostgreSQL / PostGIS is used by many client and server programs as database backend with support for spatial data. [more]

GIS Server

Georepublic provides implementing and managing your server systems. We can help you with delivering GIS server systems with Ubuntu, providing services to implement Ubuntu based GIS systems, server installation and configuration. [more]